My Creative Chaos

BE afraid. RAWR
I like everything asian,and also have an unhealthy obsession with Suju,Ft Island and Doramas...
On the other (normal) side i love MCR and 30 seconds to mars <3
I'm kinda morbid with my art and adore Tim Burton,
and I love horror movies :3
I'm studying fashion design.
My fav color is purple,my fav animals are bunnies.I have a bunny pet.
The worst addiction of mine is Ze Internet and YouTube o.o
~ Saturday, June 16 ~
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~ Sunday, April 22 ~
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~ Saturday, March 17 ~

Socially Awkward Penguin


Socially Awkward Penguin

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~ Wednesday, January 4 ~

My self-defense system,it works quite well u_u

When i say: ‘Please bitch i’m fabulous’

But inside i really mean: ‘Yeah i know i’m weird’ 

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~ Thursday, December 22 ~
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~ Sunday, December 4 ~

Trying to be seductive

What i think i look like:

What i actually look like:

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Looking at your old school pictures…

People i dislike:

The old-uncool-ugly-ass-donkey-face-with-glasses me:

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~ Saturday, December 3 ~

So I opened YouTube today… something new?

They changed it!!1???

How the fuck am i gonna find anything anymore???


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The student life !


The first term

The first week of the term

The 2nd week

Before the first final exam

On doing the exam

After the first final exam

Before the 2nd final exam

read the exam schedule

1 week before the exam

6 days before the exam

5 days…

4 days…

3 days…

2 days …

1 days right before the exam

1 hour before the exam

On doing the exam

Go out of the exam room

And…when the summer comes…

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~ Wednesday, November 16 ~

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~ Tuesday, November 15 ~
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~ Sunday, November 13 ~
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