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I like everything asian,and also have an unhealthy obsession with Suju,Ft Island and Doramas...
On the other (normal) side i love MCR and 30 seconds to mars <3
I'm kinda morbid with my art and adore Tim Burton,
and I love horror movies :3
I'm studying fashion design.
My fav color is purple,my fav animals are bunnies.I have a bunny pet.
The worst addiction of mine is Ze Internet and YouTube o.o
~ Friday, May 9 ~

So I’m trying to understand my bias list here…

Don’t people usually have a certain type they like, in looks i mean…well i love all these guys, but they really don’t look alike, or do they?

So i’ve put their pics together to try and figure it out…

They sure have one thing in common- PABOS XD


Gi kwang


Min hwan




soo hyun


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