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I like everything asian,and also have an unhealthy obsession with Suju,Ft Island and Doramas...
On the other (normal) side i love MCR and 30 seconds to mars <3
I'm kinda morbid with my art and adore Tim Burton,
and I love horror movies :3
I'm studying fashion design.
My fav color is purple,my fav animals are bunnies.I have a bunny pet.
The worst addiction of mine is Ze Internet and YouTube o.o
~ Wednesday, July 2 ~

I’ve seen alot of bashing comments toward Ryeowook,Suju, SM idols because od Wookies tweet (aparently people can’t read -.-)

Suju will do just fine if they decide to upgrade equipment like Wookie said and make performances live, because i can honestly say everybody in Suju can sing ^^

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~ Monday, June 30 ~


Guide to Super Junior’s Fandom

Mentioned Croatia ;_; THANK U 

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~ Tuesday, June 10 ~
siwon407: brothers. love you all always.

I love these dorks and their friendship ;_;

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~ Saturday, May 17 ~


Eunhyuk Twitter Update | 140517

@AllRiseSilver:Long time no see Long time ma si

Yaaaay the village idiots are back together!! ><

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~ Thursday, May 15 ~
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~ Friday, April 18 ~

Dear ELFs:

Today we’re having a maraton of Mr.Simple…and you can see views rising by the minutes…and I just want to say I’m proud of you and I’m very happy we can do this together for our boys ^^

ELFs everywhere you are THE BEST <3

Have a great day, Croatian ELF

P.S.-comment which country you’re from, I want to know where you’re all at :D

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~ Tuesday, April 15 ~



so, there’s this one image going around


let me tell you,that is so fucking disrespectful i can hardly believe people felt the need to do this

What the actual fuck…

So..who actually cares..i’m just happy Suju is back,i don’t care about exo..they can have all the views they want i still want my dorks at the end of the day ;_;  

ELFs don’t get mad it’s not worth it, just SWING ^^

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~ Sunday, April 6 ~

Siwon’s b-day




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~ Saturday, March 22 ~


shout out to all the Super Junior fans named Maria who are freaking the fuck out 

My name’s Ana-Marija(close enough xD) and my bias is Siwon, so yeah i freaked xD

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~ Thursday, March 20 ~

My ovaries have exploded u_u

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~ Monday, January 6 ~
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~ Tuesday, June 25 ~
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~ Tuesday, June 11 ~
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~ Saturday, March 23 ~

Reblog and tweet this,we want them to promote this amazing song,let’s make it popular :3

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~ Wednesday, February 13 ~
I spend too much time on polyvore x__x
Anyway&#8230;Yesung wae you so awesome
I just had to put the CLOUD necklace :P

I spend too much time on polyvore x__x

Anyway…Yesung wae you so awesome

I just had to put the CLOUD necklace :P

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